101 Presbyterian Church Leading to the SONlight
101 Presbyterian ChurchLeading to the SONlight

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101 Presbyterian Church

36 County Road 804

Gamaliel, AR 72537


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Our Community

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Worship Services

We're here to welcome you

every Sunday!


Worship begins @ 10:00 AM.


We also worship at 4:30PM on

Maunday Thursday and Christmas Eve.


When the weather is bad,

listen to:

KTLO(97.9) or KJMT(97.1)

for cancellation news.

We'll also try to post the news here.


In emergencies contact:

Pastor Jim Keyes @870-453-2718


Pastor Tom Williams @870-425-6831

Preaching and God's Word

One of the primary responsibilities of the Session is to provide for the regular worship of God, including the proclamation of His word.


This is a Reformed church. We follow the teaching of Martin Luther, John Calvin, John Knox and many others who believed and taught that the word of God must be honored in the pulpit and never tempered with the traditions of man.



Scripture alone is our rule and guide, leading us to Christ (Sola scriptura);

Grace alone is the reason or source of our salvation, not our own works (Sola gratia); and

Faith alone, created in us by God's call, assures us of eternal life (Sola fide)



These are often called "the three solas" and are a cornerstone of the reformed churches of the world.


These three will be heard here as long as we remain His faithful servants.

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